Wierd Words: Are you a Gynotikolobomassophile lapling who enjoys meupareunia?

  1. Boanthropy: A type of insanity in which a man thinks he is an ox.
  2. Callipygian: Having shapely buttocks.
  3. Chantepleure: To sing and weep at the same time.
  4. Contubernal: The person with whom one shares a tent.
  5. Dibble: To drink like a duck, lifting up the head after each sip.
  6. Eosophobia: Fear of dawn.
  7. Eugeria: Normal and happy old age.
  8. Euneirophrenia: Peace of mind after a pleasant dream.
  9. Eyeservice: Work done only when the boss is watching.
  10. Fellowfeel: To crawl into the skin of another person so as to share his feelings, to empathize with.
  11. Floccinaucinihilipilification: The act of estimating as worthless.
  12. Groak: To watch people silently while they are eating, hoping they will ask you to join them.
  13. Gynotikolobomassophile: One who likes to nibble on a woman’s earlobes.
  14. Hebephrenic: A condition of adolescent silliness.
  15. Iatrogenic: Illness or disease caused by doctors or by prescribed treatment.
  16. Lapling: Someone who enjoys resting in women’s laps.
  17. Libberwort: Food or drink that makes one idle and stupid, food of no nutritional value, ‘junk food’.
  18. Meupareunia: A sexual act gratifying to only one participant.
  19. Molendinarious: Pertaining to the arms of a windmill.
  20. Neanimorphic: Looking younger than one’s years.
  21. Oniochalasia: Buying as a means of mental relaxation.
  22. Pandiculation: The involuntary stretching motions associated with yawning.
  23. Parnel: A priest’s mistress.
  24. Peristerophobia: Fear of pigeons.
  25. Pilgarlic: A bald head that looks like a peeled garlic.
  26. Preantepenultimate: Fourth from last.
  27. Resistentialism: Seemingly spiteful behavior manifested by inanimate objects.
  28. Retrogenuflexophobia: A morbid fear of the knees bending backwards.
  29. Retromingent: Capable of urinating backwards.
  30. Septentrional: Pertaining or tending to the north.
  31. Smaragdine: Emerald green.
  32. Suppedaneum: A foot support for crucifix victims.

Now how many can you use in a sentance? I am certain I can do better.

The parnel, dressed in a smaragdine dress that highlighted her neanimorphic callipygian figure, was a study in contrast to her pilgarlic escort who was rumored to be a gynotikolobomassophile lapling who enjoyed meupareunia.


2 responses to “Wierd Words: Are you a Gynotikolobomassophile lapling who enjoys meupareunia?

  1. I rarely experience euneirophrenia, on account of my eosophobia, which causes in my neanimorphic parnel -dressed always in smaragdine – a state of chantepleure, and moments later an offer of meupareunia arises, to which I nobly acquiesce and following which, a tendency on my part to dibble libberwort and groak through the usual jentacular pandiculation of my iatrogenic contubernals: the lapling Clive, callipygian and a confirmed gynotikolobomassophile; hebephrenic Derek, with pronounced pilgarlic, and suffering from a combination of peristerophobia, retrogenuflexophobia and mild boanthropy; Barry, with his septentrional humour who tends to fight with a molendinarious motion, even in eugeria; and Bernard, well-practiced in oniochalasia whilst avoiding resistentialism at all costs, and blessed with fellowfeel for those who offer only eyeservice which, let’s face it, often results in floccinoccinihilipilification, not to mention vilification, from others.

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