Mobile Computing

The trend in computing is to be more and more personable. When you went from a mainframe to a PC, what was compelling about that was that it was accessible to more people. Then from a desktop to a laptop, it was not just accessible to more people, but accessible in more places. And this was the beginning of mobile computing.

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HTML5 / JavaScript Version of Windows

What you are seeing is… …an HTML5 / JavaScript version of Windows 7 running in the cloud… …they launch Photoshop and then… …a 3D game using the Unreal tournament engine… …Autodesk 3D Studio, the tool used to make the Transformers Movies, running in Firefox using just using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Let that sink in for a moment.

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The Component Smart Phone and Why It Will Fail.

Today TechCruch covered a direction Motorola is taking with a project called Ara. The idea here is that a smart phone can be broken up into individual components and you can buy each of them individually. This looks really intriguing from a business perspective as well as the perspective of a technologist such as myself. However cool this idea is, I think it is doomed to failure.

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