Ted Tschopp picture

Theodore “Ted” Tschopp


I am the Mobility Domain Architect for Southern California Edison(SCE), one of the United States largest investor-owned utilities with a service territory of over 50,000 square miles consisting of 430 cities, who are home to nearly 14 million people. In this role am responsible for providing major stake holders, executives, and senior management with strategic and actionable guidance focusing on the maturity and technical issues and risks associated with mobile ecosystems. Recently we have moved off the Blackberry platform over to Citrix XenMobile and Apple iOS phones as well as implementing a very successful BYOD program. I have been at SCE for over a decade and have focused on my career on Mobile, Web, Portal, Search, and Enterprise 2.0 technologies.

Before working at Edison, I owned my own business which was featured in Wired Magazine. I founded the largest community website focused on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Prior to this I worked in for a market research company focusing on the automotive industry.

I love working in technology as it provides me with the opportunity to watch the future unfold. Some of the things I have worked on were considered science-fiction when I was in school. This means I get to work on hard problems with brilliant people using complex and cool tools.

When asked, my friends said the following:  Ted is thoughtful and considerate, an ex-Mossad agent, needs to visit his friends more often, doesn’t stop until he gets to the bottom of how something works, has had a goatee for _almost_ as long as is memorable, unite Ted we stand, good people, Is _period_,  is funny, thoughtful, kind, interesting and fun to be around, helpful, well read, likes bubble gum ice cream,  an expert Gauntlet player, a person of interest – thoughtful and humorous, a hiker, Beach buds.  One word. Ted.

I’m always interested in hearing from former colleagues, managers, or just interesting people, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect.

tschopp.net +1-626-604-5054 ted@tschopp.org


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